Digital Era of Music

Music has been an integral part of life since the early existence of human being.It has completely evolved since that time and has now taken a step into the digital world. The digital music is also known as digital audio and is not recorded and stored on physical devices unlike analog signals. This music is available in the form of non-physical files with extensions of mp3, mp4, AAC, WAV and many more. The introduction of digital music has left great impacts on the music industry. It has also caused drastic decrease in number of sales of music CDs which is predicted to decrease even more in the future.

Positive Aspects:

Before the digital form of music became popular, it was not very easy for every common music fan to get their hands on the latest releases of their favorite bands or listen to older songs that were available on quite a few music CD shops. But digital music and especially internet has made the that-cd-shopaccess to music a very simple task. Various websites have music of almostall times and countries that can either be downloaded or played online. A large number of songs can be stored easily on computers or portable devices to enjoy later. Music artists can also upload their songs on music websites to let listeners know of their efforts.

Negative Aspects:

Despite the above mentioned positive impacts, it is often said that digital music is causing great losses to the music industry. The main factor that is negatively affecting music artists is the generation of revenues. Though music is now accessible to a lot more population than ever before, it is very easy to download songs for free without any regard for copyrights. As a result, artists and the team at the back-end receives much lesser amount as compared to the days of physical CDs.

Today, not every siteis ready topay as per the legal copyrights. Therefore, advertisements are playing the key role in providing the artists with an extra amount. However, the income generated through this method is not any close to the efforts involved.

Features of Digital Music Files:

Digital music or audio files exist with extensions of mp3, mp4, aac, 3gp, ape, flac, ogg, raw, wma, wv and many more. These files can be easily stored on computers or portable devices as they are compressed to occupy less space in the memory. Although these music files have many advantages, but now it has become very easy to copy and save a huge amount of piratedmusic in the large memory spaces available in the latest devices. The piracy of music is negatively affecting the music industry and causing huge losses for the individuals engaged in related fields.

The advancement in the field of science and technology has changed the world of music. These developments have both positive and negative sides. It is necessary to resolve a few major issues soon so that the music industry can flourish without any obstacles.

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