Drawbacks of Music CDs

Compact Disks were introduced in the early 1980s and had quickly gained popularity due to many features. Before disks, vinyl records and tapes were widely used to listen to the music,but CDs had made them disappear in the background. Now digital technology is doing the same with CDs. Since everything has an expiry date, it is quite clear that the expiry date of CDs is not far and soon they will become a part of history. Some people still buy special editions of music releases in the form of CDs, but overall their popularity has gone down.

Storage Capacity:

The storage capacity of optical disks is much lesser as compared to the memory space available in computers and other portable devices that are used for listening to music. These PCs and handheld devices can easily store numerous songs while CDs have very limited storage capacity.This low storage capacity of optical disks has played a major role in the decrease of its popularity.

Vulnerability to Damages:

Music CDs have more probability of getting harmed by a little carelessness in handling. The risks of getting scratches and the data becoming unreadable are quite high. If the disk drops down on a hard surface or gets in contact with fire or water, all the data or a portion of it could not be read by the CD player and the disk will become useless. On the other hand, storing the songs in digital form helps you keep data safe from physical damages. Furthermore, you can upload this data on cloud accounts to ensure that data is safe from getting deleted and can be accessed via any of your devices.

High Rates:

Purchasing music CDs from shops can be an extra burden. During the golden days of CDs, whenever new-music-friday-feat-1500x1000anynew music album of a famous artist was launched, the fans quickly tried to get hold of the earliest edition. Blu-ray disks have high quality of audio and video and have more storage capacity, but these are even more costly than CDs. In order to reduce these expenses, most of the music fans now prefer downloading free music online or stream it through their mobile phones.

Lack of Portability:

CDs and disk players are not portable. You can only keep these at home in order to enjoy music. Moreover, the disk players can be installed into your cars so you can play music while driving. Unlike CDs, digital audio can be moved to any place by keeping portable music players, such as mobile phones or MP3 players, in your pocket. You can now easily enjoy music away from home.

The sale of music CDs has reduced to very little amount. Digital technology has overpowered its popularity with various amazing advantages. CDs are dying but special editions of songs of famous bands are still purchased by true music fans. There were many disadvantages of optical disks that have caused them to lose their popularity, but it should not be forgotten that they have helped people to enjoy music for a long time.

Hi there! Well, it is quiet true fact now that nowadays the place of CDs and DVDs is largely taken away by the web apps and websites present at the internet. Take for example, Soundcloud.com; you are not going to find another website as huge as this. Users upload every new and upcoming song as soon as they are released as well as for classical and old songs, there is also a huge media and it is very unlikely that you want to listen and won’t find it on soundcloud.com.

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