What is the source that you use for listening to music? Is it CDs or DVDs?

I think, no one will use CDs or DVDs when there has been a lot of development for music industry at the internet. For example, Soundcloud.com; you are not going to find another website as huge as this. Users upload every new and upcoming song as soon as they are released as well as for classical and old songs, there is also a huge media and it is very unlikely that you want to listen and won’t find it on soundcloud.com.

Closeup of a DVD disc in a disc player tray shiny side up

You can play these songs from anywhere in the world if you have already loaded them in your mobile library or use 3G, 4G, or 5G service to load them. This means you have all the library with you in even the remote places and without having to keep up the records of numerous CDs and DVDs that sometimes don’t even have our desired song. This was just about the largest songs site available at the moment. If on the other hand you want videos then you can go for youtube.com and so on. I also use Soundcloud as my major music listening source, followed by


What are your views about music or when you listen it? Have some specific mood for it?

I am crazy for music and it does not demand any special kind of mood that will make me listen to it. I will listen to music when I am free as hobby, but when I am busy, I will rather take out time to listen music. I always have been a great fan of music; you can think of me of the sort, who just keeps on checking websites that update their sites with the latest songs. I am the one who has turned on notifications for all the VEVO channels on youtube and whenever a new song is posted I have a notification on my mobile then I listen to it and decide whether it is a good one or not and usually I like the video at the very moment just in case I would like it sometime in future. Well this was about the languages I know whereas for the ones that I don’t know and just listen somewhere else outdoors; I quickly Shazam it to find the song. Music produced by French people or Arabs, or even some other place that just has great beats in it will be my next favorite even if I don’t understand it and it would occur after few months that I will think to check out the translated lyrics of the song. So, I literally am a crazy fan of music.

What can the readers find in your site?

I will be sharing all the possible ways in which you can listen to music. Different websites that allow you to search music and listen to the music, also the ones that have equalizers in them so that you can adjust music accordingly; this is the main purpose you will be visiting this is site. In other words, all the possible ways in which you can hear music and enjoy music will be a part of this website