Listening To Music With Mobile Apps

Listening to music in the modern world has become very easy. The songs can be streamed online or stored in different devices and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Most of the music fans preferlistening to their favorite songs via their mobile phones.In order to facilitate the users,a large number of mobile apps have been introduced through which online or offline music files can be streamed.For all major mobile operating systems, you can easily find different music apps that can help you maintain playlists of your favorite songs and then play them in the desired order.

  1. Spotify:

Spotify is a cross platform application that runs on mobile, PC and tablets and TV. It allows you to search for songs by entering their name or through singer name. You can follow your favorite singers and enjoy all their releases anytime. There is a large collection of songs in the app library and custom radio stations can be created that will stream the songs of selected artists.

  1. Google Play Music:

gpmlogoGoogle Play Music is available in both free and paid versions. The subscription charges of All Access version are $9.99 per month with many additional features. Through this amazing app, thousands of songs can be stored in library of Google account. Then you can run these songs on the basis of playlists and can enable shuffle mode for random selections.

  1. Pandora:

Pandora music app is a custom radio app which offers support for various operating systems. Stations can be created with respect to artists and movies. Pandora app has made streaming of music very easy and allows to sync music across numerous devices. The app can be downloaded for free, but for premium features, a fee of $4.99 per month needs to be paid.

  1. SoundCloud:

It is a great app that not only facilitates you to listen to a large variety of songs, but also allows soundcloud_logo1everyone to upload any song in their own voice. These uploaded songs are shared with all users and anyone can listen to them. This feature is available in free version. However, if you want to go ad-free and wish to stream top and popular songs of well-known artists, then it is recommended to purchase its paid version by paying $9.99 a month.

  1. Slacker Radio:

This app is widely used for streaming of songs on the basis of pre-programmed categories, but you can skip as many songs as you wish. Its free version runs advertisements. The subscription of $3.99 per month can remove these ads. Whereas, $9.99 per month version ensures that there are no ads as well as there is an option to create your own radio stations for music streaming and download any of these songs.

There are many other apps available in online market that provide different features for streaming of music. Most of these apps maintain libraries with a very large number of songs so their users can comfortably enjoy their favorites without any problems.

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