Live Music Concerts

Listening to music has always been a great pleasure for human beings. Different forms of music have always existed since the birth of mankind, however the methods of listening to them havechanged considerably with time. Despite the advent of latest technologies, the Live music has always held its own uniqueness. Earlier, live music meant that the presence of music artist is necessary, but now various technologies have been developed that enable singers to perform live without actually being present on the location. Though it may seem unbelievable, but science has made everything possible.

History of Live Music:

Live Music performance has existed since pre-historic times. At that time, people used to copy sounds of nature such as animals and birds. Later, they started creating instruments out of different materials that made t7lyfsesounds when air passed through them such as flutes. History proves that olden civilizations used to arrange live musical performance on the occasions of happiness and mourning. Pipe Organ was the gift of Middle
Ages to the music world. By that time, music had become a compulsory element of religious festivities.

Group Performances:

Music performance in the forms of groups became popular during the 18th century. Opera gained praise due to its elegancy. Dancing on the music had become common too. As a result, there was an increase in the size of halls where live music performances were held. Then came the microphones that made it easier to sing in large halls with ease.

Trends in 20th Century:

Jazz was a popular music type of early 20th century. Initially it was performed at bars and clubs, but later the trend was copied in the movies and live concerts. Phonograph was a masterpiece in the field of music.It had soon become a part of collection of every music fan and was used in dcb757f858268a57fee3d2f4f39829d9every live performance. Then came the most popular music form: Rock ‘n’ Roll. Pop music gained high popularity during this era. Furthermore, the visual effects, speakers and lighting increased the attraction of concerts.

Future of Live Music:

Inorder to save viewers from the fatigue of visiting the arenas for watching live concerts, different technologies are being discussed. One such idea is that the live streaming of concerts should be made available. This will help music fans to enjoy the live shows while lying on their couch in their bedroom. But most of the people disagreed with the idea as they cannot get the enjoyment that is a part of live concert. Hence, virtual reality may be added to this experience in the future. Moreover, Wearable technology will make it possible for artists to perform at multiple locations at the same time.

Live Music has gone through several stages since it was introduced first. In the future, virtual reality will become a part of life and its impacts will also be created on music concerts. However, different methods are being discussed that can make them more interactive and real for both singers and the audience.

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