Music Piracy

Piracy refers to the act of copying the work and efforts of someone else without their permission. This causes great loss to the person who had spent many days and nights in trying to create an amazing original product.Piracy has also become quite common in the music industry. As a result, the efforts of artists, who work very hard to produce a new song, are completely wasted. Neither they get enough credit for their original work, nor do they get enough revenue which they deserve for sure. Not only the artists, but the entire music industry has to bear its negative impacts.

Illegal Websites:

There are many websites working that are providing the users a lot of free 121alnomusic withoutfulfilling the legal requirements. It is often believed that the public torrent sites are the biggest illegal music providers as they do not pay for copyrights. However, the reports show that the number of users visiting such sites has decreased during the last year. Instead, most of the traffic has moved to other websites that provide downloading option for pirated music.

Mobile Apps:

Though there are many trustworthy mobile apps in the business that are prviding the users with all types of music without breaching the terms of legal contracts. The music is broadcasted with the permission of concerned authorities and no loss is caused to the artists. However, illegal mobile apps such as Music Maniac, Popcorn Timeand a few others are still working. Pirated music streaming via mobile apps has increased in the past few years as the majority of people use mobile phones for listening to music. Requests have been made to Google for removal of such sites, but until now there is no success.

Online Stream Ripping:

The recent trends of global users represent that the websites for illegally ripping music streams have gainedthe most popularity among all the music-girl-headphonesmusic piracy methods. Such websites or mobile apps allow users to rip music from YouTube or other similar sites. Since mobile phones are more in use as compared to desktop computers, the mobile-based ripping has become very common and has increased by 46% in only 2015. The use of these services makes up to 18% of all the online music piracy.

Thoughts of Artists:

Though music piracy is affecting those who are in this business, however, a few singers including Dave Grohl, Norah Jones, Shakira and Lady Gaga are quite okay with music piracy. They believe that music should be spread among people and everyone should get to listen to it and money is the secondary thing. The majority of singers worldwide do not agree with these thoughts due to many reasons.

Music piracy has become quite common because not every website and music fan is willing to pay the fee in the name of copyright. It is the right of singers to get the money they deserve for their non-stop efforts. Legal actions are taken against such websites and apps time and again to solve this issue.

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