Top 10 Ways Of Listening To Music In 2016

Music has always been an important source of entertainment in the lives of people. Music has gone through too much evolution since it came into being. Similarly, the methods of listening to music have also changed with time. There are many differentmethods for listening to music in the modern times. The top 10 methods include:

  1. Live Concerts:

Live performance is the oldest form of listening to music. However, it is still liked the most due to its charm. The direct interaction of artists with the audience is the major reason why people still visit the concerts.

  1. Music CDs:

Listening to music by purchasing CDs has become less common and is supposed to get extinct in the future. But in 2016, this method is still in practice and is preferred by various music fans.

  1. Online Websites:

Music websites such as YouTube, Pandora, Yahoo Music, TuneIn Radio, Songza etc. are the most pandora-logofamous ones for online streaming of music. Most of the websites offer free music with online streaming or downloading options.

  1. Mobile Apps:

Shazam, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music and other similar apps are available for mobile phones with support for multiple operating systems. These apps enable you to enjoy music anytime and anywhere with the help of your mobile phone.

  1. Television Music Channels:

A large number of television channels are working in different countries to broadcast entertainment stuff for their viewers. You can tune in to music channels available in your area and then enjoy songs that are currently playing.

  1. iPods:

iPod is a portable music device that was launched in 2001 by Apple Inc. to facilitate the customers best-ipodswith a dedicated device for listening to music. Songs can be stored in the memory space of device and can be played with support of media player.

  1. MP3 Players:

MP3 players are widely used for storing audio songs in large amount. Different companies are offering MP3 players with latest features. Simple ones can be bought at below $50, but for more options, you should go for the ones whose price is up to $500 or more.

  1. Stereo Systems:

Stereo Systems are suitable for parties where you can play loud music and have fun with your guests. Sony and Samsung are the prominent companies in this business. The latest systems occupy very small area and are energy efficient.

  1. Car Audio Systems:

audio-video-equipment1Listening to music while travelling helps to get relaxed. A large variety of music systems are available in the market that can be fixed in the car. The songs can be played via speakers by connecting CD or storage devices in system.

  1. Hi-Fi Music Players:

Astell&Kern AK Jr and AK240, iBasso DX90, Fiio X3, HiFiMAN and Sony Walkman are amazing portable devices to enjoy high quality music in today’s world.

A lot of companies are competing to release the advanced music players that can satisfy the requirements of users. Work on many new technologies is under progress and soon these changes will hit the world of music.

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