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Drawbacks of Music CDs

Compact Disks were introduced in the early 1980s and had quickly gained popularity due to many features. Before disks, vinyl records and tapes were widely

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Digital Era of Music

Music has been an integral part of life since the early existence of human being.It has completely evolved since that time and has now taken

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Reasons That Lead To The End Of Music CDs Popularity

Audio CDs are being used since early 1980s for listening to music and songs. With evolution of science and technology, many new gadgets have been

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Listening To Music With Mobile Apps

Listening to music in the modern world has become very easy. The songs can be streamed online or stored in different devices and can be

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Top 10 Ways Of Listening To Music In 2016

Music has always been an important source of entertainment in the lives of people. Music has gone through too much evolution since it came into

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Effects of You Tube On Music Industry

YouTube was launched in the year 2005 and had gained huge popularity soon after its launch. In just 2006, its worth had increased to $1.65

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Live Music Concerts

Listening to music has always been a great pleasure for human beings. Different forms of music have always existed since the birth of mankind, however

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Music Piracy

Piracy refers to the act of copying the work and efforts of someone else without their permission. This causes great loss to the person who

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